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Treatment Methods

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy helps promote healing of tissue and relieve pain through a process called photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation is a photochemical process where light interacts with cells to cause biochemical reactions. These reactions include increasing circulation at the cellular level, stimulating the immune system, reducing inflammation, and enhancing collagen production and the development of muscle tissue, all of which aid in the repair of damaged tissue.


Pulsed Magneticfield Therapy (PEME)

PEME uses electromagnetic fields to alter cell membranes damaged by trauma and restore them back to their normal function. This type of treatment is variable; different frequencies affect blood flow so that it can increase or decrease depending on what is needed for your pet and their condition. PEME is an option that may be recommend for pain relief, soft tissue injuries and inflammation reduction due to its non-invasive application.



Massage combines a range of different techniques and pressures in order to help alleviate muscle tension and and pain through the release of endorphins. A tailored approach to each patient ensures that their individual needs and issues are met. Improving movement, posture and compensatory issues through manipulation of muscles and fascia achieved through an understanding of the muscular system fibre direction and function of anatomical joints.

Home Exercise Plan 

A home exercise plan helps to provide continuous treatment in a home environment to sleep up recovery. These plans are tailor made for each individual depending on the the desired outcome for treatment. This may be recovery from an injury or surgery or maintenance for an ongoing condition such as arthritis. The home exercise plan will rely on the owner to carry out the set exercise plan and also notify the therapist of any difficulties with progression so that alterations can be made to continue with progression.

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