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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is physiotherapy treatment needed?

The time between treatments will vary with every case. In maintenance cases intervals, between treatment may be every 4-8 weeks however this will depend on current exercise level and any on-going medical conditions. The best guide for treatment frequency is closely monitoring for any signs of pain, changes in behaviour. Regular treatment can be beneficial and support in prevention of injuries. 

Does my Vet need to know about receiving physiotherapy treatment?

Signed consent from your Vet is only required if there is an on-going medical condition which is currently under veterinary guidance. If at any point during treatment a potential issues are detected or there is a lack of improvement, a consultation with your vet may be suggested in-order to eliminate any underlying causes before treatment can continue. Consent can be acquired via the use of the downloadable consent form located in the veterinary referral page or MJ Veterinary Physiotherapy can gain this on your behalf. 

Does Insurance cover Veterinary Physiotherapy treatment?

If you would like to claim treatment through your insurance you will need to check that this form of treatment is covered with your current policy as not all insurance companies or policies may cover physiotherapy treatment. If physiotherapy is covered then all treatment is still paid for upfront with MJ Veterinary Physiotherapy and then paid back through your insurance. This can be done as frequently as you require, for further information please consult your insurance company.

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